Research & Development

Research & Development

Workshops, Seminars & Conferences Conducted at MIET

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MIET conducted following academic activities, seminar and workshops in association with various government and renowned organization like: AICTE, Indian Pharmaceutical Association, V-Life Technologies, IBM, Indian Institute of Planning Administration.

  1. 12th Conference of Society of Andrology India, at MIET Meerut from 8th to 10th April, 2006
  2. National Seminar on Apoptosi, at MIET Meerut 10th February, 2007.
  3. National Workshop on Bioinformatics, at MIET Meerut from 16th to 18th November, 2007.
  4. Training course on application of research techniques in reproductive biomedicine held at Department of Biotechnology, MIET, Meerut from 2nd -5th , May 2009.
  5. National seminar on TQM in Pedagogy sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi held at MIET, Meerut on 27th May, 2008.
  6. Workshop on “Human values and professional ethics” organized by the university and conducted by Value education cell, UPTU, Lucknow held at MIET, Meerut on 27th April, 2010.
  7. WIPRO Mission 10X workshop under faculty development programme held at MIET, Meerut conducted by Wipro technologies from 7th to 11th February, 2011.
  8. Workshop on “High Impact Teaching Skills” attested by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. Trainer and Wipro on 7th -8th February, 2011.
  9. National Seminar on “Intellectual Property and Innovation Management in Knowledge Era” Sponsored by NRDC, New Delhi held at MIET, Meerut on 23rd September, 2011.
  10. Workshop and National Conference on “Nano Science and Nanotechnology: Present and Future Prospective” Sponsored by LSFI, Karnataka, held at MIET Meerut from November 22-26, 2011.
  11. National Level Staff Development Program on” New Frontiers of Molecular Biology” Sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi, held at MIET, Meerut from 16-29, December 2011.
  12. One day workshop on “Rheology and its Measuring Techniques” sponsored by Brookefield Viscometers Ltd., UK and MIET, Meerut held at MIET, Meerut on 18th June 2008.
  13. Three days workshop on “Advances in Computer Aided Drug Discovery and Design Methods” held at MIET, Meerut from 4-6th August 2008.
  14. One day seminar on “Pharm D- A New Definition of Pharmacist” sponsored by  IPA (UP State Branch), Lucknow and MIET, Meerut held at MIET, Meerut on 7th September 2008.
  15. Three days seminar on “Biomedical Communication in Cyber Age” sponsored by AICTE held at MIET, Meerut on 28-30th December 2009.
  16. One day workshop on “Entrepreneurship Development Programme” sponsored by MSME (Micro,small,medium enterprises) held at MIET, Meerut on 2nd August 2010.
  17. One day Validation workshop on ”Mini Gas cylinder”, “Voltage stabilizer” sponsored by TIFAC held at MIET, Meerut on 22nd November 2011
  18. One day workshop on ”IPR” sponsored by NRDC(National research development corporation) held at MIET, Meerut on 28th September 2011
  19. Presentation on ”Scissors clusters”, “Gas Cylinder Cluster”, “Voltage stabilizer” to TIFAC on 2nd November 2010
  20. Awarness programme on “Support for entrepreneurial & Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators” sponsored by MSME held at MIET, Meerut on 19’Aug’10
  21. Six days Staff Development Programme (SDP) on “VLSI Design: Recent Trends and Future Aspects (VLSI-RTFA-2010)” sponsored by AICTE held at MIET, Meerut on 8th – 13th October, 2010.
  22. One day national conference on “EMERGING Technologies in VLSI (NCETVLSI-2011)” sponsored by AICTE held at MIET, Meerut on 18th October 2011.

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