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The Dev Bhoomi Foundation, a trust organized with the sole objective of advancing higher education in Uttarakhand, established MIET Kumaon.

The Dev Bhoomi Foundation's trustees have a solid reputation for their charitable work in the areas of primary education, higher education, and medicine. They have established a number of engineering colleges, pharmacy schools, business schools, CBSE-affiliated schools, and hospitals in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand over the past three decades.


MIET is well known for its education. It has been successfully fostering young engineers for more than 36 years, growing into a popular choice for students seeking higher education and employment in nursing, commerce, and more. It provides a unique blend of renowned academics, an international reach, and interdisciplinary studies. This college has senior faculty members who are highly qualified and knowledgeable.

There have been remarkable results for all the student’s seeking education in this campus which is expanded over a large area.


The goal of MIET is to be the best institute in the world for technical and management learning, for which we provide the best education to our students.

We also aim to provide top-notch instruction in the fields of engineering and management, as well as cultivate partnerships with businesses that will both benefit from and contribute to the creation of a stimulating intellectual setting for study, research, and the advancement of moral and ethical principles.


In very little time, we have become one of the finest options among the different engineering colleges because of the following reasons:

  • We have a great reputation for academic excellence and provide courses in cutting-edge and emerging fields.
  • In addition to being multi-campus and multi-disciplinary, we also serve urban and rural students' needs.
  • We have made important scientific advancements.
  • We have top-notch facilities and infrastructure, several cutting-edge academic programs, and the most effective teaching and learning techniques.

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We offer the best education in the area, with the best features.

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A student-friendly environment and infrastructure to seek knowledge in a safe environment.

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Research Oriented

Strong academic programs focused on research are available at IPEC

Best Faculty

It has faculty who are incredibly qualified and eager to support students in excelling in their domains.

Modern Learning Structure

Learning through experience and ongoing guidance from subject-matter experts

Testimonials what Students say

I am thankful to MIET Kumaon for the opportunities I got while studying. The teachers were really helpful and helped me to reach my potential. I shall forever be grateful to MIET Kumaon.
MIET was a really happening place for me which gave me lots of opportunity and environment to learn and evolve. The basic core of learning through ownership was developed in me by the institution for which I am grateful.
Feel proud to be a student of Miet Kumaon, here I got my life’s first placement ,the top level management & faculty of Miet Kumaon is really awesome,as a mentee I always got the personal guidance & support of my mentor. I will always pray for the best and dazzling future of my college.

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Frequently Asked Queries

We develop the future leaders and help them lay the groundwork for their aspirations by providing them with industry support and global exposure.

There will be merit-based admissions for different courses at our college. Class 12th exam passing is required for the next step in the admissions process. Students who are interested in enrolling in our college must fill out the admissions forms and provide all necessary information.

There are easy payment options, including debit and credit card payments, to make it easy for the parents or guardians to get their fee paid on time.