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Live Webinar: Advances In Biodiversity Agriculture and Biotechnology, 5th June,2020 at 11:00 am

Biodiversity simply refers to all the variety of life that can be found on planet Earth(plants, animals, fungi, micro organisms) and to the communities that they form and the habitats in which they live.  It is the basis of  agriculture and our food systems - which make human survival possible. It provides functioning eco system which supplies oxygen, clean air and water and many other essential elements necessary for our existence.

India lives in its villages, and undoubtedly we are still an Agri - based economy as this sector is a major source of employment  and a key contributor to our GDP. Acknowledging this fact we need to create a balance between our Bio diversity and agriculture. Thus agri-biodiversity, is of paramount importance and the need of the hour is to maintain this crucial balance to ensure that both NATURE and MAN can co-exist  Peacefully....

With this vision, MIET (Kumaon) brings to you this webinar where crucial issues pertaining to this field and their impact shall be highlighted.
So please be a part of this event and understand how we can learn to live in harmony with mother nature and try to work towards sustainable development....
The Link for the registration is given below ????

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